By now, everyone understands the importance of YouTube videos in viral marketing. However, did you know that even videos that do not go viral can be a vital part of your overall inbound marketing strategy. A well-ranked YouTube video can be an extremely way to increase traffic to your website. Because people love to watch videos, your YouTube videos will be shared by visitors to your website and in turn increase their ranking and your website traffic. So remember, do not get discouraged just because you can’t come up with a video that will go viral. Making videos that are entertaining and useful to your viewers will rank high enough to generate more traffic to your website.

The marketing potential with YouTube is huge. According to YouTube’s 5 year statistics, it gets over 2 billion views a day and is the third most visited website according to Alexa. People spend an average number of 15 minutes using YouTube each day and 24 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. As you can see from these statistics, YouTube has an immense presence on the web. Why? Simply put, people love watching and sharing videos. As an inbound marketing resource, you really cannot do any better than YouTube videos. They will increase traffic to your website and some might even reach the viral marketing realm.

Now, as you may have guessed, you cannot just throw up any video and expect people to fall in love and share it with everyone on their social networks. Well-ranked YouTube videos need to have value. In most cases, popular videos are entertaining. However, you can create useful and informative videos that will do quite well also. People love learning new things on YouTube. Even something as dry as an accounting firm’s website can be livened up with YouTube videos that explain some of the more commonly asked questions or issues in accounting. As a small business, your task will be to figure out how you can work YouTube videos into your overall inbound strategy. What do you have to offer that you can convert into video form and will get people excited about your business?

The key to creating a successful and in turn well-ranked YouTube video is to create something that is fun to watch. If your video is informational, make it upbeat and playful. Be entertaining. Your goal should be to get people excited about your small business. Make entertaining videos and people will naturally want to share them with their friends.

In terms of inbound marketing, make your YouTube videos an integral part of your campaign. Include videos on your website and make them easy to share. Promote your videos through your social networks. A well-ranked YouTube video can increase traffic to your website and if it enters the viral marketing realm, it can generate a huge amount of buzz around your business as a whole. Do not get discouraged if your videos aren’t the latest Internet sensation. Even modest videos can have a very positive impact in generating traffic to your website.