Benefits of Back-Links on Site’s Rankings

Back-links are an important part of your website’s overall ranking. While the methods used to build back-links has changed dramatically recently, they still play a key role in establishing your website as relevant, authoritative and useful in the eyes of leading search engines.

Back-links are built organically now through inbound marketing efforts. Visitors to websites will gradually build back-links to your website as they share useful content they find on your website with others. It may be in the form of a blog post on their own websites or through links that they share on their social networks.

Social Marketing – Hitting Its Stride for the Marketer

As a marketer, you may feel as though you are a dog chasing your tail at times, as big marketing fads come and go. Once thought to be just another marketing fad, social networking has really hit its stride for the marketing industry. As social networking giants have established their roots, it is now clear that social marketing is here to stay. Therefore, what does this mean for marketers or more importantly, what does it mean for a small business owner or new start-up looking to use social marketing as part of their overall marketing strategy? Essentially, it means that small businesses, new start-ups and marketing professionals need to learn how to effectively use social media to their advantage.

Benefits of a Well Ranked YouTube Video

By now, everyone understands the importance of YouTube videos in viral marketing. However, did you know that even videos that do not go viral can be a vital part of your overall inbound marketing strategy. A well-ranked YouTube video can be an extremely way to increase traffic to your website. Because people love to watch videos, your YouTube videos will be shared by visitors to your website and in turn increase their ranking and your website traffic. So remember, do not get discouraged just because you can’t come up with a video that will go viral. Making videos that are entertaining and useful to your viewers will rank high enough to generate more traffic to your website.

How has Panda or Penguin changed inbound marketing strategies

The introduction of Panda and Penguin has made some hard changes in inbound marketing strategies that have existed for years. While the intention of Google was to rid the internet of poor quality, even “spammy” websites from the web, there has been some effects on the traditional inbound marketing strategies of solid online businesses.

To adjust, many online businesses have focused their efforts to increase traffic in their inbound marketing strategies to avoid having their websites confused with what Panda and Penguin seek to chip away. In the viral marketing realm, the days of effective spam websites seem to be numbered, but they may take down some legitimate websites with them.

Panda is focused on purging websites that offer poor information and very little content. Often called “thin affiliates”, these websites merely feature a plethora of links to other websites in hopes of garnering profits from commissions. What was struck down consisted of long-tail niche and spam blogs along with web pages filled with link exchanges.

Social Marketing

Social marketing is an integral part of any effective inbound marketing strategy. Combined with other inbound efforts, social marketing can increase traffic to your website and also launch your small business or start-up into the viral marketing realm, quite literally overnight. In fact, social marketing is so effective in this regard that most businesses now have a rather extensive social marketing platform. However, many are getting social networking wrong. Establishing an effective social marketing strategy isn’t difficult, but it does require some careful planning and foresight.

As a small business owner or start-up, you’ll be pleased to know that social marketing is virtually free. Providing you have the time to devote to social networking, you can take on the task of social marketing yourself. Many businesses also employ interns to take on their social marketing tasks because college students are already tuned-in to social media.