Maximizing Facebook as a Tool in Marketing

The potential of Facebook as a great marketing strategy has long been a topic of debate but nonetheless, a lot of people have given testimonies on how great and lucrative Facebook marketing is for business.

The Potential of Facebook Marketing

With over 210 million active users from all over the world, the population in Facebook has captured every single possible audience type in terms of age group and interests and other categories, which translates to a lot of potential target markets for different kinds of businesses. Also, utilizing Facebook as a tool in marketing creates an increase in traffic and leads—two of the most important things that should be exploited in effective online marketing.

Facebook’s simple and user-friendly interface has captured the attention of possible markets. As a tool in marketing, it can significantly promote your brand and business and built an online community around it.

Facebook Marketing: The Step-by-step Process

For Facebook marketing to be successful, it is important to note that there are several undertakings to be done. As it is a tool, the proper wielding of it is important in the assurance that desired results will be delivered. Proper and effective Facebook marketing entails you to:

  1. Create a page, not a profile. There’s a difference between a Facebook page and a Facebook profile. While a profile is basically for people, a page is usually used for business. An advantage of a Facebook page over a Facebook profile is that pages are picked up by search engines. Also, it can be set up in a certain category which makes it easier for people to look your business up. It is important to make the page as engaging as possible to attract traffic by uploading great pictures, interesting videos and attention-grabbing status updates. These pictures, videos and status updates must be in line with your brand or business.
  2. Add Facebook Apps. Never tolerate the power of different applications in Facebook marketing. Relevant and useful Facebook apps can draw people into your page, make your page memorable as well as, promote your brand and business. A simple rule of thumb in adding Facebook apps to not over-do it so as not to overcrowd your Facebook page. Remember that too many things happening all at once can seem chaotic and disorganized to your potential market.
  3. Join Facebook groups relative to your market. It is important in Facebook marketing to participate in several Facebook groups. Participation in these groups is a way of advertising yourself as a credible person and thus, increasing your reputation as a distinguished member. As a distinguished member, it will be easier for you to promote and advertise your business. You may also opt to create a group personally as long as you have the time and the human resource to maintain it.
  4. Utilize Facebook Ad Service. The Facebook Ad Service operates in the same way Google Ad Sense does and it can also give extra income. The ad service gives several social actions and assigns fans to create instant credibility and reputation.

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