Building your online business means taking advantage of all the marketing tools you have available to build up customer traffic. In essence, the more people who are interested in your products or services that visit your website, the more likely you are to make sales and generate profit. One of the more interesting and cost effective measures to build customer traffic is known as “inbound marketing”. You can use inbound marketing services to help build a strong customer traffic base for your online business.

Essentially, inbound marketing is using techniques that draw in people who are most likely to purchase your products or services. Unlike outbound marketing where you use ads, banners and the like to reach out to find customers, inbound marketing relies on likely customers finding you. Therefore, the focus of inbound marketing is using certain techniques to help pull people to your website.

The Sales Funnel

The purpose of inbound marketing is to build what’s known as the sales funnel where you draw in potential customers, entice them with information and eventually convince them to make a purchase. A sales funnel is perhaps the most effective technique for getting purchases because it convinces the customer to buy in a more complete manner than traditional outbound marketing techniques.

There are a number of inbound marketing services that you can use to augment your efforts. These techniques are founded on building a customer base over time, so while you will generally not get the big initial results that outbound marketing technique provide, it will build a steady, growing stream of interested customer traffic that you can rely upon for steady sales.

Inbound Marketing Techniques

SEO: Search engine optimization or SEO is the technique of using keywords and key phrases in your website content that is also used by customers who type queries into search engines to find information about the products and services that you provide. The results pages will show content that best matches the words or phrases typed into the search engine.

For example, if you sell “widgets” then having content that features the term “widgets” in various phrases that customers might use in queries on search engines will boost your website more prominently on results pages.
List Building: Another technique that is quite powerful is building a list of subscribers that receive updates, information and discount offers on a regular basis. List building is actually a very old marketing technique that is very effective in keeping in contact with people who make the best type of customers, the ones that purchase from you repeatedly.

Simply put, you offer customers who have made a purchase or even those that visit your website a regular newsletter, text subscription or social media update so you can provide them with updated information on a regular basis. Keeping in touch with your customers on a regular basis means you can offer them new information, products and discounts which makes it far more likely that they’ll make another purchase.

Utilizing inbound marketing services along with your traditional outbound advertising efforts will maximize the chances of making consistent, growing sales over the long run, building your business dramatically over time.