Social Media Strategy

The reasons for developing a social media strategy vary – being seen by potential clients, building brand recognition, growing authority, increasing thought leadership. Whatever your reasons for participating in this powerful forum, it comes down to return on investment and seeing growth. After many rushed posts during lunch hours with content produced day of deadline Vihral was born. Vihral is a service to help strapped marketing teams and small businesses better leverage and excel at social marketing. So if your in a mid-sized marketing department or your just starting out and are unsure what to make of all of it, give Vihral a chance to save you time and energy and better get your message out.

The packages range from simple replication of your message for increased impact – to an automated package where we have our team manage everything for you, our staff is dedicated and well versed in the art of social marketing. Social channels we use include: Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pintrest, Instagram, Tumblr, Blogger, Digg, WordPress, Squidoo, Youtube( video) – Posting to all other media is fast and simple for you.

If you do not have accounts on the above sites,,,, we will create them for you as a thank-you for joining.

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