Tips to increase broaden your customer base with social media marketing

Social Media Marketing has upped the ante in the marketing world. These platforms give business owners an advantage over their competitors, broader customer base and increase profits.

In order for social media marketing to be effective, businesses must have clear goals and establish a brand and plan to utilize social media sites. One important aspect to launch a successful social media strategy is to discover the reason behind social media actions. Another consideration is deciding what information will be managed on these sites. Nowadays, businesses designate one or two social media teams to manage their social media marketing.

It is also crucial that the social media information have a specific purpose. For larger businesses this can be very challenging since they usually offer many products/services. However, for a smaller business it is easier to narrow down what the business handles.

Since 2006, a successful inbound marketing strategy involves brand marketing and outreach to do business online. The four most important elements to a successful inbound marketing strategy include the following:

  • - Brand – means your business has a consistent look and feel, sold message and distinct personality.
  • - Authority – In regards to public relations, increasing your customer base by finding those online is crucial
  • - Community – Acquiring a loyal community follow requires a content strategy, attention and dedicated team
  • - Conversion – Need to properly research for optimizing and testing to transform leads into customers
    • Want to drive the “right” traffic to your website? Here are three marketing actions that will get you those results:

      • 1. Blog, Blog, and Blog some more – blogs are informative content that answers questions. A lot of companies have 1 or 2 employees dedicated just too writing blogs and keeping content fresh.
      • 2. Social Media – Share your blogs on social media sites, which will make you appear more personable or human.
      • 3. Keywords – Customers typically these days make their purchases online and use search engines to find what they’re looking for. So, you need to analyze trending keywords for your market, optimize your website pages, blogs and build links for products/services your customers are searching for.

      We know how difficult is for small and medium business to hit these points, which is why Vihral was created.

      In regards to your social media campaign, here are some pointers for driving the most traffic to your website:

      • 1. Create a video – Currently videos from You Tube are on the first pages of Google results.
      • 2. Use social media – publish your blogs/articles on sites like Hubpages (my personal favorite), squidoo or a wiki to identify a keyword.
      • 3. Again, I can’t stress enough how important it is to create and post your blogs on social media sites that link back to your website, which will in turn move you up in search engine rankings. Think about it, for instance within a month I gained 50 followers who if I ask to retweet an article they generally will, which opens up a whole new customer base for your business.

      In conclusion, utilize e-mail marketing, a web site to transform visitors into customers, take advantage of social media sites to reach a broader customer-base, and use analysis processes to measure your success rate.

      Best Regards,